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product description

Name of Product: Silk Cherry Blossom Female Fan

Brand: Luke

Fan length: 21 cm

Expanded diameter: 38 cm

Fan: Silk (Japan) Finally, the handle is glued to the fan surface. Single-sided sticker (back bamboo bone).

Fan bone: Bamboo (China)

Packing: Fans give fan ears, each with OPP bag packaging

Design: Japan

Country of manufacture: China

Note 1: Wholesale only one fan, another fan head, each independent OPP bag, other accessories need to be purchased separately.

Remark 2:



Uses for business occasions, kimonos and bathrobes, adult days, birthday celebrations, gifts, wedding congratulations, travel, attractions, overseas specialties, customers' gratitude and gifts, etc.

The color display of different displays is different, and there is an inevitable color difference.


[Introduction] The fan originated in China and was introduced to Japan. The folding fan was invented by Japan and introduced to China. The fan of the fan is made of bamboo, the fan is made of silk, and the silk is made of cotton or paper. The fan surface needs to be processed by crepe, folding, or painting, or spray painting, or screen printing. The local high-quality raw bamboo is made by steaming, styling, grinding, quilting, etc. .