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In ancient times, rainy days and hot summers plagued people and had to avoid the rain. There is such a legend that Luban built a small pavilion around his neighbors for everyone to use, but still can't let people go out in the stormy season. Luban’s wife then made a light bamboo pavilion with oil paper according to the style of his husband’s pavilion – this is the earliest umbrella. In the United Kingdom, umbrellas were only used in the 18th century. Umbrella was once a special item for women, indicating women’s attitude towards love. "The ancient woman made an umbrella, not asking for a name, and the quantity is high," hence the name "nvya", only to commemorate the elegant character of women.
  "Pen Yan", the head of the traditional product "nvya", is a native of Yihe Village in Yiyang. It is rich in bamboo and rainy. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were "Liuyang's Mudu, Yiyang's Umbrella". In the late Qing Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty, Yiyang County had There are more than 40 umbrellas and more than 2,000 umbrella workers. During the prosperous period of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the annual output of umbrellas reached 100w.

  Peng Yanzu was an umbrella maker for the last four generations. His great-grandfather was good at making ribs. His grandfather was good at making fan handles. His father was good at improving the umbrella machine. Although it was improved at any time, the nylon umbrella gradually replaced the traditional paper umbrella. The old umbrella worker was also dead. Dead, retired, young people are even more reluctant to inherit this unprofitable craft.
  In the early 1990s, Peng Yan’s father first made cloth umbrellas with unshized silk cloth, and found local painting lovers to design Chinese paintings with plum patterns. This kind of innovation made the local handmade umbrellas a little angry. The trustees went to Dongting Lake, Taoyuan, and the Yellow Crane Tower to sell some attractions. At that time, the profit reached an umbrella of 10 yuan. Therefore, in ancient times, there was no silk umbrella for sunshade. The silk umbrellas that existed in martial arts TVs should be replaced with paper umbrellas.
  To the new millennium silk cloth umbrella was once slow-moving, Peng Yan family introduced to a friend in Yiwu, Zhejiang, began a long tradition of manual umbrella sales, now Yiwu has been nearly 20 years, in Yiwu has its own factory, the company , exhibition hall. However, the road to handmade traditional umbrellas is still very long.
  "nvya" is very new, new to the trademark registration, nvya is very old, the old to the 4th generation heritage, although, we have been inheriting the skills, and hope to add the brand. Nvya is the spokesperson for the great invention of "Chinese umbrella" for Chinese women.